In a recent Strategic Planning Policy Advisory Committee meeting, Greg Pattinson from the City of Playford shared a great example of how they have been part of an innovative partnership for the funding and delivery of sporting facilities. This project also earned City of Playford the NGAA award in 2022 for “Partnerships – Building Connections”

In the face of rapid population growth in outer cities and suburbs, the challenge of providing adequate community facilities has become more pronounced. However, the City of Playford stands out as an example of innovation, showcasing how a collaborative partnership approach can effectively address this demand from day one.

The City of Playford had a significant role in influencing the design and delivery of the Riverbanks College B-12 in Angle Vale, which includes playing fields and a two-court indoor stadium for community use after school and on weekends. At the heart of this success lies a strategic partnership with the State Government and TESA Education, leading the industry with the creation of shared-use sport and recreation facilities within a new school.

Angle Vale, situated in the City of Playford, is experiencing with unprecedented growth. Recognising the population growth, the council identified the need for a new school and accompanying social infrastructure. It was the strong advocacy of this need that led to the initiation of the public-private partnership model by the State Government for the construction of a new B-12 school in Angle Vale.

The City of Playford's advocacy efforts lead to genuine engagement with the Department of Education early in the planning process. This marked a departure from the traditional approach to delivering new schools, where local councils were not typically involved at such an early stage. The result was a collaborative effort that allowed the City of Playford to contribute significantly to the incorporation of shared-use facilities, aligning with the city-wide planning objectives.

The collaboration between the City of Playford, the Department of Education and TESA Education resulted in the integration of shared-use facilities, including playing fields and a state-of-the-art two-court indoor gymnasium. These facilities addressed the community's recreational and educational needs, ensuring a holistic approach to growth.

This approach serves as a blueprint for other growing regions, demonstrating that collaborative partnerships can not only meet the demands of new communities but can also create lasting, sustainable community facilities. By fostering early engagement, leveraging existing assets, and advocating for shared-use spaces the City of Playford has set a new standard for community development.


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