Advocacy one in every five people in Australia live in a fast-growing outer suburb. Across the country, councils in outer growth areas are experiencing the same challenge of rapid population growth that stretches infrastructure and essential services beyond their limits.

As the peak body representing growth area councils, the National Growth Areas Alliance advocates for better Federal Government policies around building the suburbs of the future, and ensuring they have the infrastructure and investment needed to reach their potential.

"Where you live has a huge impact on your quality of life – on how easy or hard it is to get to your job if you have one; how long it takes to get your child to hospital if you need to; how much time spent in your car or on congested roads or on overcrowded public transport takes you away from family and friends."

We are advocating for…

  • A dedicated investment package for the fast-growing outer suburbs for strategic roads and rail and other transformational projects.
  • A coordinated cross-Government focus on the fast-growing outer suburbs, similar to the approach and level of attention that has been afforded rural and regional Australia.
  • Programs (existing and new) designed or reviewed to address the specific challenges faced by councils experiencing rapid population growth.
  • Priority given to City Deals for outer growth areas so that those areas can catch up on their infrastructure backlog and be prepared for even more

We convey these messages through written submissions to the Federal Government and advocacy campaigns

Our Advocacy Campaigns

National Nightmare Commute Day

Our hallmark national event gives residents of fast-growing outer suburbs the chance to share their #nightmarecommute stories on social media. In both 2016 and 2017, #nightmarecommute trended during the morning peak hour, and received widespread national media coverage. Watch our videos here.

Fund our Future

In the lead up to the 2016 Federal election, residents of fast-growing outer suburbs sent more than 100,000 emails to politicians demanding dedicated funding to build better roads, public transport and health facilities in their communities.

Our Members' Advocacy Campaigns

Our member councils have successfully campaigned to have State and Federal Government fund specific projects in their municipalities.

Connect Wanneroo

A community campaign backed by the City of Wanneroo in Perth’s north to demand the State Government commits to funding rail to Yanchep and extending the Mitchell Freeway to Alkimos.

Community Connect South

Community Connect South is an initiative of the Cities of Armadale and Cockburn in Perth. The project is seeking State Government funding of $160 million to build Armadale Road Bridge and reduce traffic congestion between Armadale and Cockburn.

I love Kinder

Wyndham City Council in Melbourne’s west is advocating for secure and ongoing funding for kindergarten education. This campaign has been developed to show the depth of support for kinders by empowering people to share why kinder is important to them. Kinder gives our kids the best start at a critical time in their development and helps prepare them for school. This is all at risk if the Federal Government doesn’t commit to ongoing funding.

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