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State of Australia's Growth Areas - Economic Report 2023

Report by .id Informed Decisions based on analysis of the 2021 Australian Census

March 2023

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State of Australia's Growth Areas - Demographic and Socio Economic Report 2022

Report by .id Informed Decisions based on analysis of the 2021 Australian Census

November 2022

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State of Australia's Growth Areas - Population Growth 2022

Report by Informed Decisions based on analysis of the 2021 Australian Census.

November 2022

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Federal investment in outer suburban infrastructure 2022

Report by RMIT on t....

November 2022

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Working from home in the outer suburbs: opportunities and benefits 2020

Report by Quantum Market Research on the lived experience of working from home in growth areas during the national COVID-19 lockdown.

July 2020

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Working from home in the outer suburbs: jobs and commuting 2020

Report by the Astrolabe Group analysing jobs and commuting data in the outer suburbs.

July 2020

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Research and Practice from Australia's Fast Growing Outer Suburbs - NGAA Symposium 2019 Report

Report from the inaugural NGAA Symposium.

August 2019

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Good Growth: Keynote Address by Prof Greg Clarke, NGAA National Congress 2018

Professor Greg Clark, respected global advisor and author on cities and urban development, spoke about “good growth” in his keynote address to the NGAA's 2018 National Congress.

Watch the full Keynote Address by Professor Clark

Video excerpts from Good Growth keynote address by Professor Clark

Transformational Infrastructure Projects in Australia's Fast Growing Outer Suburbs

Transformational Infrastructure Projects in Australia’s Fast Growing Outer Suburbs identifies projects that can provide the basis for growth area councils to restructure economic and community functions. The report includes projects such as passenger rail linking population growth in the employment hubs, redeveloping and repurposing Council assets to create dense activity centres, coordinated strategies to reshape and integrate a growth area, and health and education precincts.

Report by: researchers from RMIT University, University of Adelaide, University of Melbourne and University of Western Australia

March 2018

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State of Australia's Fast Growing Outer Suburbs

The fast growing outer suburbs are in transition, economically as well as demographically. Their populations and their economies are becoming more diverse. Their economic and housing role has become even more important against the backdrop of rapid economic growth of our cities. They play a pivotal role in supporting both city centres on the one hand and rural townships on the other.

Report by .id for the NGAA

February 2018

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Economic transition

The fast growing outer suburbs are in transition.

City building role

Increasingly important against the backdrop of rapid economic growth of our cities, agglomeration, & the rise of knowledge/services.

Strong economic performance

The fast growing outer suburbs are performing strongly against economic, employment and population indicators. Exciting opportunities are emerging.

Investment to enable the opportunities

But investment is required to lay the foundation to ensure this transition is sustainable into the future.

Meeting Growth Area Infrastructure Investment Needs

Infrastructure access benchmarking analysis measured the required expenditure per person to give NGAA Member Council areas the same access to health and transport infrastructure as their inner-city neighbours.

The research showed a $50 billion dollar backlog in residential care, hospitals, passenger rail and roads, with a further $23 billion needed to 2031.

Report by SGS Economics and Planning in November 2015

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Dedicated Infrastructure Fund for Australia's Outer Suburban Growth Areas

A review by PwC of national and international examples of dedicated infrastructure funding, showed that precedents exist to consider an outcome-driven infrastructure fund that could assist in providing the economic and social infrastructure Australia’s outer suburban growth areas need to prosper and enhance economic growth. Case studies include UK City Deals and Canadian Strategic Infrastructure Fund. The research also looked at potential impact on the Gawler rail line and the Epping to Chatswood Rail Link.

Report by PwC April 2016

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Community Infrastructure - Outcomes and Issue Report

A report highlighting the nature and extent of the community infrastructure funding and delivery task in outer metropolitan growth areas of Australia.

Report by Elton Consulting 2012

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Addressing Skills and Employment Gaps in Outer Metropolitan Growth Areas

An Action Plan and study into skills and employment gaps in outer metropolitan growth areas.

Report by Essential Economics and Geografia 2012

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Cost Benefit Analysis of Investment in Growth Areas

SGS Economics undertook case studies of Campbelltown, NSW and Swan, WA to identify interventions and additional infrastructure necessary to close the gap between growth and metropolitan areas.

SGS Economics and Planning 2009

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NGAA Research Project Report

A report compiling base demographic, economic and urban management information from 40 growth areas.

Report by SGS Economics 2007

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