Outer suburbs welcome $750 million Albanese Government infrastructure announcement

14 February 2023

The National Growth Areas Alliance welcomes the recognition of fast growing outer urban areas in today’s Federal Government announcement of $750 million to local councils for priority local road and community infrastructure projects. 

All NGAA Member Councils, fast growing outer urban councils across Australia, have received funding under the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program. 

Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government Minister Catherine King specifically referenced outer urban areas as one of the priority areas to receive funding from an additional $250 million from the Albanese Government, on top of $500 million allocated prior to the May 2022 election.   The NGAA applauds this long overdue acknowledgement of outer suburbs, which have specific characteristics and needs that make them distinct from CBDs and regions.

The LRCI Program will realise the benefits of providing funding directly to local governments, who have first-hand knowledge of what their own communities need. As well as roads and transport, community infrastructure such as libraries, community hubs and sports facilities are important parts of new suburbs as new residents connect and establish themselves.

Outer urban growth areas are home to 5.3 million people and are growing nearly three times as fast as the rest of Australia, but vital infrastructure to get people to work, study and home is lagging behind the population boom.  



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