NGAA welcomes roads funding announcement

4 May 2023

The National Growth Areas Alliance welcomes the announcement of an additional $250 million local road infrastructure funding specifically for outer urban as well as regional and rural councils.

Outer urban councils face a unique road challenge, as population growth and large scale residential development put incredible stress on local roads. 

“One of the most visible characteristics of outer urban councils is traffic jams and dangerous intersections, where single lane, local roads often without drainage or footpaths, suddenly need to cope with thousands of more cars every day," NGAA Chair, Councillor Matt Deeth said.

"This recognition of outer urban council’s increased need for local road infrastructure by the Minister is not only welcome, it is essential. Our roads infrastructure comes under enormous pressure and demands placed upon it increase every day," said Councillor Deeth.

With the population and housing boom in outer urban areas continuing apace, NGAA is calling for the inaugural additional funding to become part of an ongoing infrastructure funding stream dedicated to the rapidly growing communities on the outskirts of Australia’s capital cities.

See the announcement by the Hon Catherine King MP, Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government here


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