Notice of Election 2022

Strategic Advisory Committee Member

Nominations are now open for membership of the NGAA Strategic Advisory Committee.

Positions to be filled

This election will see eight positions on Strategic Advisory Committee filled. The positions are to be filled by elected or appointed representatives from NGAA Member Councils.


Any elected or appointed representative (Mayor, Councillor, Administrator) from an NGAA member council may nominate themselves, or be nominated by a fellow representative, for a position on the Strategic Advisory Committee.

Candidate Information Pack

All candidates should read the information in the Candidate Information Pack on the role, function and terms of reference on the Committee.

Nomination Process

All nominations must be submitted online here by close of business on Wednesday 14 December, 2022. Please read the Committee’s Terms of Reference before nominating.

In the first instance, nominations will be collected by the NGAA Executive Officer.

If more nominations than vacant positions are received, a secret ballot will be held. This will be delivered by an independent third party.

Voting Process

If a vote is required, an online voting company will be engaged to manage the ballot and will perform the role of Returning Officer.The online voting compnay will send the NGAA Key Contact in each Council a PIN and online voting instructions.

Each NGAA Member Council will vote for eight candidates to fill the eight vacant positions, ensuring at least one vote goes to a candidate from their own state. A ‘first past the post’ counting method will be used to determine the result. Each state will be represented by the candidate with most votes with remaining positions to be filled by the candidates with the most votes, regardless of state.