NGAA Policy Webinar Series #2: Infrastructure Australia

Tuesday 9 April, 2019

Members-only event. 

Presented by Infrastructure Australia's Robin Jackson (Acting Executive Director) and Matthew Ho (Principal Economist), the second instalment to NGAA's webinar series will provide an overview of the 2019 Infrastructure Priority List and discuss the Infrastructure Australia Assessment Framework used to consider initiatives and projects for inclusion on the List.

Robin and Matthew will deliver insights into Infrastructure Australia’s remit in assessing ‘nationally significant’ infrastructure and provide some highlights from the Building Better Business Cases training aimed at improving the quality of business cases for major infrastructure projects.

The 20 minute presentation will also be followed with a Q&A.

Please join the webinar at the following LOCAL time/s:

11:00am - Perth

12:30pm - Adelaide

1:00pm - Melbourne, Sydney


Reserve your place here