National Nightmare Commute Day

Thursday 4 April, 2019

Across Australia, millions of people face a #nightmarecommute every day to get to work from their home in the fast-growing outer suburbs.

National Nightmare Commute Day is their day.

National Nightmare Commute Day, held on 4 April 2019, gives a voice – and a hashtag - to the frustration and timewasting experienced by nearly five million Australians living in our fast-growing outer suburbs.

On National Nightmare Commute Day, Australia’s outer-suburbanites use #nightmarecommute on social media to share their stories of traffic jams, inadequate parking, crowded public transport and wasted hours getting to and from work or study each day.

Our goal is to make our Federal politicians sit up and listen to the impact that poor infrastructure has on the lives of millions of Australians.

#nightmarecommute is used across social media. Follow us to keep track of National Nightmare commute Day progress.