Financial Stress in Growth Areas – the ticking time bomb for vulnerable communities

Wednesday, 2nd September

In this webinar we explored the impact of increasing mortgage, rental and overall financial stress on communities in growth areas. With more and more residents in outer urban areas facing unemployment, underemployment, social isolation and an uncertain future, we will look at how local government is responding to these newly vulnerable communities.

16 of the top 20 postcodes suffering mortgage stress are in NGAA Member Council areas. Half of all households in growth areas are under mortgage stress, with more than 300,000 lower income families at particular risk. With an additional 70,000 growth area residents claiming JobSeeker in May 2020, and JobKeeper payments ceasing at the end of September, the level of financial vulnerability is extremely high.


Martin North, Principal, Digital Finance Analytics - Visit DFA website for an extensive ragne of resources and analysis or follow Martin on Twitter

Matthew Martin, Program Manager – Financial Services, Economic Vulnerability Program, WEst Justice, a community organisation that provides free legal help to people in the Western suburbs of Melbourne. Read about some of the programs WEst Justice delivers here.

Kelly Grigsby, CEO, Wyndham City Council. Download Kelly's speaking notes here and background paper here.

Moderator: Bronwen Clark, Executive Officer, National Growth Areas Alliance