Launch of Four priorities for Growth Areas

15 November 2021

The Government and Opposition took part in the NGAA’s launch of Priorities for Australia’s Outer Metropolitan Growth Areas. NGAA Chair, Councillor Matt Deeth; CEO Bronwen Clark and members of the Strategic Advisory Committee set out:

Four growth area priorities for government and opposition:       

1.            A Minister for Growth Areas     

2.            Infrastructure to transform        

3.            Revitalise Australia’s economic engine room in the outer suburbs            

4.            Community recovery and resilience in Australia’s suburban heartland    

Two reasons for increased urgency for government action in growth areas:

1.            Unequal COVID impact on growth areas

2.            Growth areas are still growing and another population boom is imminent.   

More on the four growth area priorities here.         

Members and stakeholders at the online event on Monday, 15 November heard Paul Fletcher MP , Minister for Communications, Urban Infrastructure, Cities and the Arts and Shadow Ministers Andrew Giles MP, Shadow Minister for Cities and Urban Infrastructure, Multicultural Affairs; and Catherine King MP, Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, outline their policy directions and aspirations for growth areas in the lead up to the next federal election.

“We are investing in major infrastructure for equity of access for people in newer and outer suburban areas.  We’re confident that growth areas have a bright and vibrant future”

Paul Fletcher MP , Minister for Communications, Urban Infrastructure, Cities and the Arts

“Growth areas are a significant contributor to Australia’s economic recovery – if they are not held back. We have a once in a generation opportunity to build back better after COVID. A coherent plan for infrastructure investment is essential, looking at the transformation potential of infrastructure.” 

Andrew Giles MP, Shadow Minister for Cities and Urban Infrastructure, Multicultural Affairs and Shadow Minister Assisting for Immigration and Citizenship

 “Infrastructure and transport are the key enabling factors driving economic growth in the outer suburbs. Infrastructure deficits in growth areas and a less equal Australia are not good enough.” 

Catherine King MP, Shadow Minister for Infrastructure



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