31 May; 9:30am – 4:00pm

Western Sydney Conference Centre

The 2024 NGAA Congress will explore Australia’s newest cities, being built on the edges of greater metropolitan areas, around major new infrastructure, with place, productivity, innovation and digital connectivity at their core.

Keynote Speakers and panellists – list under development


New City Governance

Learning from international examples as well as from our own experience. Review processes, systems, and structures that help to facilitate genuine collaboration between all levels of government.

Future Policies

Growth areas have suffered with policy frameworks not keeping up with the rate of growth, leading to infrastructure deficits. This topic explores new approaches to policy development that can lead to better outcomes for our communities. How do we need to approach policy development if we want to create resilient, liveable and thriving communities?

Future Design and Functionality

What would a 20-minute urban centre look like? How can we turn our fastest-growing cities and suburbs into economically productive secondary CBDs? Topics discussed will include innovative approaches to urban design, the role private industry has to play, and what a connected digital future looks like. Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea provided

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