NGAA Advocacy

Five million Australians – and counting – in fast-growing suburbs on the outskirts of our capital cities are confronted daily with congested roads and insufficient public transport. Poor access to health facilities adds to the crisis.

The Fund our Future campaign seeks a long-term solution through a dedicated infrastructure fund for fast-growing outer suburbs.

This would address the infrastructure backlog and future-proof these areas, as they continue to grow.

The campaign is an initiative of the NGAA and brings together communities with similar issues from all over the country, in the lead-up to the Federal election this year.

If a significant investment is not made, we risk dividing Australian cities along social and economic lines: those in the inner city who have access to transport, jobs and health services – and those in the fast-growing outer suburbs who do not.

Read more about the campaign and sign up to support it on the Fund our Future website.

NGAA Advocacy

Australia’s outer suburbs need more long-term investment from federal and state governments to keep pace with the predicted growth in these communities.

The NGAA advocates for this through a range of measures, including campaigns such as Fund our Future – which has already had wins in the community, government and media spheres.

The NGAA regularly meets with politicians, their advisors, officers and other stakeholders to brief them on issues affecting outer suburban communities and to propose what needs to be done.

The Alliance also commissions research, makes submissions and provides input to policy.

Communities in NGAA areas have benefitted from funding and programs, including the recently announced City Deal for Western Sydney.

The NGAA’s advocacy works from the ground up: our councils are in regular contact with community members who want a better deal for their areas. We bring those communities together through social and traditional media to make sure their concerns are heard – and action is taken.